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Lisbon City Guide

Lisbon, famous for its colorful architecture and ceramic-tiled walls, is a lively city providing travelers with fascinating tourist attractions, delicious cuisine, and a wide range of activities. While a lot is going on in the city, we, at PackitUp, have collected a few things to do in Lisbon to help you decide on which places […]

Porto City Guide

There is no trip in Portugal without visiting Porto, the second-largest metropolis after Lisbon (you can read about it more in our PackitUp Travel Guide). Porto is a coastal city, located at the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for the beautiful Douro river and it is the reason while Portugal has its name. While wandering […]

Portugal Travel Guide

Portugal is an excellent mix of great weather, rugged coast lines, gorgeous beaches and cities that will take your breath away. The chances that you will fall in love with this country are off the charts. Especially if you like Mediterranean food and good wine. And honestly, who doesn’t? Portugal is an excellent destination for […]

Pompeii and Naples Travel Guide

Pompeii was an ancient Roman city near Naples, in the Campania region of Italy. Since Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D., Pompeii is now a significant archeological site that provides a look into the life of ancient Italic people. The city used to be very wealthy and reached its architectural peak during the Roman era. […]

Italy Road Trip

The name “Italy” creates a visualisation of delicious cuisine, beautiful coastlines and ancient history. Italy is the home to some of the world’s greatest artists and authors (for instance, Da Vinci and Michelangelo), architecture, and Europe’s three active volcanoes (Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius). These all together making Italy a unique destination inspired us at PackitUp […]

Italy Travel Guide

Once again, Southern Europe! We are going to Italy this week and the whole team is stoked about it. We spend a lot of days researching, preparing and then publishing these blog posts and we all get super excited about each and every aspect of our content. Italy was specifically hard because it is such […]

7 Beaches in Mallorca

Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea of Spain besides the other Balearic Islands of Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The island is a very popular holiday destination, not only because of its landscapes and beaches, but also for all the history and culture it has to offer.

Barcelona City Guide

Looking for a destination which has something interesting for everyone? Look no further and keep reading this blog post about the various options when visiting Barcelona. Antoni Gaudi’s unique architecture characterizes Barcelona, and therefore visiting these creations is a kind of must-do thing once in Barcelona. The gorgeous Roman Catholic church of La Sagrada Familia […]

Spain Travel Guide

We are staying in southern Europe for our early July PackitUp Country Guide blog post! Welcome to Spain, the paradise of Europe, the second biggest country on the continent and a culturally massively rich place. Spain is famous for many things, beautiful beaches, gorgeous landscapes, some of the most visited islands in Europe and cities […]

7 Greek Islands for 7 Occasions

Greece has a large number of islands, with estimates ranging from 1,200 to 6,000, depending on the minimum size to take into account. The number of inhabited islands is variously cited as between 166 and 227. Divided by some archipelagos around Greece, the Greek islands form a huge mosaic of turquoise water, breathtaking cliffs and […]

Greece Travel Guide

Welcome to Greece, the longest coastline in Europe! Located at the southeast end of Europe bordering the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas. Its neighboring countries are Bulgaria, FyROM, Albania and Turkey. Land of the ancient culture, wonderful landscapes, not only beautiful beaches and lovely people but best-known as the perfect holiday destination. Greece is so […]

3 Days In Sydney

Sydney is an amazing showcase of what this continent has to offer: beaches, architecture, and astonishing nature. As Australia’s biggest city, it has some of the most distinguished locations, such as the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  So how about a quick trip? Let’s say you only have 3 days in […]

Melbourne City Guide

There are several places worth visiting in Melbourne. It is a home to an incredible array of restaurants, quirky bars, best coffee and beautiful promenades. This artsy city is suited to be discovered by bike (Melbourne City launched its bicycle scheme in 2010, making it super cycle-friendly), and is extremely photogenic.

Australia Travel Guide

Welcome to Australia, the holy grail of sabbaticals and gap years. Backpacking, road trips, camping, surfing, this country has it all. This blog post kickstarts our PackitUp Travel Guide series, naturally it had to be one of the most desired countries for travelers. Everyone knows that Australia means adventure, nature, ocean and good times and […]

Copenhagen Startup Environment

PackitUp is now over two years old and we as the founders have been part of the entrepreneurial scene in Copenhagen for quite a while. We conclude: If you put some effort in, you’ll massively benefit from having a startup in the Danish capital. Today we’ll get into why this city is such a great […]
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