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Welcome to Australia, the holy grail of sabbaticals and gap years. Backpacking, road trips, camping, surfing, this country has it all. This blog post kick starts our PackitUp Travel Guide series, naturally it had to be one of the most desired countries for travelers.

Everyone knows that Australia means adventure, nature, ocean and good times and PackitUp is here to give insider tips on how to make your visit to this beautiful country as awesome as possible. Enjoy our PackitUp Australia Travel Guide!

Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific ocean, Australia is the home to a staggering amount of attractions, things to do, amazing cities to visit and incredible landscape to explore. It is one of the countries where it is almost impossible to not find something awesome to do. This also means that if you go there, you will probably catch a serious case of FOMO. Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Sydney, the Outback, this list could go on indefinitely. And this list of no-brainers already covers a distance of over 4,300 kilometers! Just about as much as driving from the northern tip of Norway to the south of Italy. Bear in mind the sheer size of this country.


~25 million. Only 3.1 people per square kilometer! Only 3 countries are less densely populated.


6th largest country in the world.



Australian Dollar


1 EUR buys 1.63 AUD
1 USD buys 1.46 AUD


There is a lot of information out there on what visa is the most suitable for your purposes on how to get it. As usual, there is a large number of different visas with different requirements, process periods and costs. The Australian Department of Home Affairs has a very user-friendly website to find the visa that suits your needs!

Here is a quick overview:

Visit and Tourism: Simple visitor visas are generally fast and easy to obtain and are valid for staying less than 3 months.

Study: If you are taking an eligible study course, you are able to apply for a visa for the period of the study course plus an additional holiday period. You are able to work 20 hours/week during the study period and 40 hours per week during the holiday period.

Work: Work and holiday stays are super popular in Down Under. This visa allows you to stay and work for 12 months and you can extend afterwards if you meet certain requirements, you need to have worked sufficiently during your first visa for example.

Permanent living: Australia is rather strict with permanent immigration visas and they pay a lot of attention to granting those visas to people who work in jobs that are in high demand in Australia. So professional qualification is the best preparation for this visa.


First of all, there is something very important to address. Toilets do not flush backwards in the southern hemisphere, that is total balderdash! Now that we have this out of the way, let’s talk barbeque, goon and huntsman spiders.

Two thirds of the Australian population live in the capitals of the states and territories, even though the vast outback makes up 99% of the country. This massive and never-ending piece of hinterland is home to astonishingly large farms and ranches, some as large as the state of Texas. Of course, the outback is a fan favorite for road trippers who managed to get hold of a reliable 4 wheel drive and dare to take on the heat, dust and animals on an epic journey.

The diversity of the Australian wildlife includes about 1 million native species, amongst which of course the kangaroo, the dingo, koalas and a lot of spiders. We are not going to say everything in Australia wants to kill you, because it doesn’t, but you’d better be prepared to see some weird animals.

Also, everything is upside down in Australia.

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Getting you all the way from Melbourne to Cairns, this trip is the classic among the Australia trips.

You will pass through Melbourne, (Canberra), Sydney, Brisbane up to Cairns, passing gems like Byron Bay, Noosa, Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise and a lot more.

We have collected the itinerary below, have fun traveling!



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So where do we go first? How to pick a city to start a cities travel guide with out of all the beautiful locations in Australia? Let’s randomize and just start with one, Melbourne! But do not worry, the others will follow!

Located in the southeastern state of Victoria, Melbourne is home to an exciting cultural environment and a buzzing nightlife. With its famous street art, central squares and even the world’s best coffee (allegedly, we don’t want to start a fight here), this city has something for everyone.

But that is not it! We have of course already finished our Sydney City Guide! Check out below!


Often considered as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne offers a staggering amount of street art, hip cafés and amazing architecture. With its narrow lanes where beer gardens and food courts offer cozy places to hang and chill, this city is often on the “favorites list” of many travelers. Our Australia Travel Guide tells you more about what to do and see. Enjoy 🙂


Sydney, still not the capital of the country, but without doubt an outsanding, beautiful and vibrant city! Ocean, monuments, beaches, amazing nightlife; you can find anything you want in this city. Read about what you can do during a 3 day trip right here!

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