How to launch your Startup in Copenhagen

PackitUp Tips on where to go as an Entrepreneur in Copenhagen!
Max Glocke, 11 August 2018
Last time we talked about what constitutes a good eco-system for startups to thrive in, looking at Copenhagen in particular. This time we will give you some pointers on where you should go to get your idea off the ground.
If you are a newcomer to the city or if you have been part of the Copenhagen startup environment for a while, gather around for some PackitUp tips. You might just discover something new.
Startups Copenhagen
You are looking for a place to get together with other entrepreneurs? You and your team need a nice environment to sit down in and get some work done? Looking for an incubator or accelerator in beautiful Copenhagen? PackitUp has collected some information about where you should go and what you should definitely check out in the city. Here are a few links if you are looking to get your startup going in Copenhagen: Startup Hubs and Incubators
  • Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship CSE – Copenhagen Business School incubator. Largest student incubator in Copenhagen. Its proof program offers mentoring, work space and lots of events, as well as visits from lawyers and accountants.
  • KU Plus – University of Copenhagen Department of Humanities incubator. Comes with events, work space, lawyer and accountang consulting.
  • Science Innovation Hub – University of Copenhagen Department of Science incubator. Offers work space, events and networking.
  • SUND Hub – University of Copenhagen Department of Health Science incubator. Offers work space, events and networking.
  • SCALEit – Six-week incubator program that offers networking opportunities and insights into Silicon Valley.
  • Thinkubator – Ten-week program offering mentoring, office space, funding and events.
  • Accelerace – For startups with MVP, different tech areas, very intense networking and funding opportunities.
  • Go Grow – CBS CSE accelerator, networking, mentoring and separate work spaces in CBS environment.
  • Startupbootcamp – 3 months accelerator program for very early stage startups, goot networking and fungind opportunities with small equity share.
  • Next Step Challenge – 5 months program with networking and mentoring.
Co-working Spaces
  • Founder’s House – Big co-working space in Islands Brygge built by founders for founders with serious leverage in the VC world.
  • Rainmaking Loft – Big co-working space in the heart of Copenhagen with great atmosphere.
  • KPH – Co-working space for social entrepreneurs in urban setup in Vesterbro.
  • SOHO – Massive co-working in meatpacking district in Vesterbro.
  • Nomad Workspace – Super central co-working space in Nørrebro, located in an old prison.
  • Republikken – Co-working space for design startups in Vesterbro.
  • Cobis – Copenhagen Bio Science Park co-working space in Nørrebro.
  • Dare2mansion – Co-working and event space for students in Nørrebro.
  • Sky Lab – Startup hub of the Technical University of Denmark in Nørrebro.
  • LiftoffCph – Co-working space for creative startups.
  • La Oficina – Co-working space for all kinds of companies.
  • Labitat – Hacker co-working space.
  • PB43 – Hacker co-working space.
  • Spilhuset – Gamer co-working space.
  • Growbizz – Office space for startups.
  • Nest Copenhagen – Co-living space for entrepreneurs and their startups.
  • Univate – Tech startup space in Islands Brygge.
  • Symbion – Office space for startups and Accelerace accelerator.
  • 5te STED – Co-working space in the dead center of Copenhagen.
  • DTU Science Park – Co-working space for science startups at the Technical University of Denmark.
  • Villa Kultur – Co-working space in Østerbro.
Events and More
  • Venture Cup – Business plan competition (national and world cup) for startups.
  • Copenhagen Startup Weekend – General of themed weekends for networking and events.
  • Startup Digest – Email newsletter that works really well in Copenhagen.
  • #CPHFTW – Collects information about the enrepreneurial scene in Copenhagen.
Still need more information? Our friends at valuer have published a super comprehensive Copenhagen Startup Guide on even more stuff! Click here to check it out! If you feel like we are missing something on this list, get in touch with PackitUp and let us know! Stay tuned for next time, where we will dive deeper into the whole funding situation here in Copenhagen!
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