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Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea of Spain besides the other Balearic Islands of Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The island is a very popular holiday destination, not only because of its landscapes and beaches, but also for all the history and culture it has to offer.

The largest island in the Balearics has a rich history, a wonderful rugged landscapes, and some great traditional food.  So you will find very easily there is a lot more to do than just sunbathe.

In our PackitUp Mallorca Guide we have selected our top 7 beaches that surpassed all our expectations.

Firstly, I would like to mention I was pleasantly surprised to find so many little secluded beaches and secondly, it will be pretty helpful for you to have a car to get off of the beaten path a bit.



Cala Formentor Beach is located at the most northerly point of Mallorca. The setting is second to none, the beach is backed by lush vegetation and green pine forests and offers views over turquoise green seas and the Bay of Pollenca.

After visiting this beach, you could then drive up to Cap de Pera Lighthouse to see the sunset. The drive up to the lighthouse is through a beautiful sharp road what will become to one of your favorite spots of the island.


Cala Figuera, like many beaches in the more rugged parts of Mallorca, is not a sandy beach, but a rocky in an absolutely exquisite cove with the most beautiful aquamarine water.

The water is so clear and turquoise, you will want to jump in as soon as you get down.


It’s situated in the small coastal village of Serra de Tramuntana and fidden between pine-covered cliffs on the north-west of the island. Its rugged scenery, fisherman’s hideaways built into the rocks, and sparkling transparent water gives to this beach a sense of seclusion and creates a peaceful ambiance. 

This cove is worth a visit for its natural beauty. Take in the panorama and admire the crystal-clear water while feasting on the fresh seafood which is served at the chiringuitos.


Sa Calobra also adheres to the saying ‘the more difficult, the more beautiful’. The road to this beach is only 14 kilometers long, but it is 14 kilometers full of sharp curves and high peaks on a shallow road. A stimulating experience in a spectacular landscape.

It became very popular in the last years but it would be remiss to not include Sa Calobra one of the top beaches in Mallorca.

The peculiarity of the beach of Sa Calobra is that it is wedged between cliffs that are 200 meters high, making it the perfect setting for a day at the beach. It would also be a pretty sweet spot to moor your yacht if you are lucky enough to bring one. Its tranquillity really adds to its charm.

I also love that its position, tucked away in nature, means it will never be developed, as many other parts on the island.

 There are a number of popular hiking routes on the land which surround this narrow sandy shore as well as a large variety of native vegetation.


Being one of the busier beaches you can go, this one sits at the end of a narrow sea inlet in the south of Mallorca.

This narrow sandy beach in the bay is sheltered by a long torrent of dramatic rocks out to the sea. Together with its shallow waters, this makes it a gorgeous haven. A really nice vibe is created admiring all the boats hanging around there, setting in between the tall cliffs.

The view as you walk down the steps to this beach is also amazing, don’t miss out on that.


There seems to be a very strong correlation between how hard a beach is to find in Mallorca, and its beauty!

The track to reach Caló des Moro, sitting in the southeast corner of Mallorca, is quite camouflaged and you do have to climb down a lot of rocks to get here, however, this little beach is worth the journey and makes it even more special.

This hidden gem is really small, but the beach itself and its surroundings are a paradise that takes your breath away.

There is also a close beach called Cala S’Almonia just a few minutes walk from Calo des Moro beach. Cala S’Almonia isn’t quite as beautiful, but it is a lot more spacious, so if Calo des Moro is crowded you could always set up your towel there instead. As I mentioned before, this is another beach perfect for enjoying yourself on the beach or going to explore the area and views around the cove.


The iconic beach of Es Trenc is part of the Natural Area of Special Interest Es Trenc-Salobrar de Campos. The beach is about 3 kilometres long and extends from Sa Ràpita to Colònia de Sant Jordi, which are two villages. The beach is well attended and easily accessible, something that it is not that common in a beach as beautiful as Es Trenc.

You can enjoy a quiet walk on its white sand, a swim in its transparent waters while watching the archipelago of Cabrera in the background. Or appreciate one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island.

Now you already know where to spend the sunny days in the island, go explore it and share with us the hidden gems you were able to find! Do not forget to stop in its charm villages to eat paella and its sweet ensaimada.

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