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Sydney is an amazing showcase of what this continent has to offer: beaches, architecture, and astonishing nature. As Australia’s biggest city, it has some of the most distinguished locations, such as the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 
So how about a quick trip? Let’s say you only have 3 days in Sydney, Australia. Here is your ‘To Do List’ with all the mandatory spots!


Sydney Harbor Bridge

Probably one of the two most appreciable landmarks of Sydney. Located in the city center, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is known for its beauty and functionality, as it as available for all – cars, trains, bikes, and pedestrians. So why not hop on a bike and discover the area more? The more adventurous can try out BridgeClimb – a walk on top of the structure, all for free!

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House does not need to be introduced to anyone. This multi-venue performing arts center is one of the most extraordinary and honored 20th-century buildings. Located on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, the building is 183m tall and about 120m wide at its widest point.

Thirsty for some surprising facts? The Opera House provides 45,000 square metres of office space out of 18,000 square meters of land. Yes, you can have an office in one of the world’s most famous buildings. Also, the Opera’s power supply is equivalent to a town of 25,000 people!

You will definitely have a lot to sightsee, as the building has around 1000 rooms. Including those are five theatres (Concert Hall, Opera Theatre, Drama Theatre, Playhouse, Studio Theatre), five rehearsal studios, two main halls, four restaurants, six bars and a good deal of shops.

Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower is Sydney’s tallest building and the second tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere. With the height of 305m, it is the perfect viewpoint of the city.


The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is located in the heart of the city. It was established in 1816, making it the oldest scientific institution in Australia. There are several tours offered to show the beautiful nature it possesses. During a 1.5-hour guided tour, you can learn about the Indigenous history of the land and how the Gadigal people lived and worked before the area was colonized.

The “I Have A Dream” mural located on King St was created by Ms Pryor and Andrew Aiken in August 1991. The artists had asked twice for permission to paint it but were refused both times. So, they decided to do it anyway. The mural is perceived as their gift to the Newtown community.

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) is continuously changing the exhibition program, as a dedication to presenting contemporary art from across Australia and around the world. You can always find something distinct and exciting at the MCA. Small tip: go to the museum on Sunday, if you want to benefit from a free guided tour combined with talks by artists and industry professionals.


Your trip to Sydney will never be complete without visiting the Bondi Beach! Discover why this iconic beach has such a world-wide reputation. Some of the things you can do here? Well, first of all, surfing is a must. You can either try it out on your own or book a class at ‘Let’s Go Surfing’. Bondi also has a market and a heritage-listed neighborhood – Bondi Pavilion, where you can find a permanent art gallery, theaters, and cafes. There are numerous events going on in that area and there is an outdoor cinema every summer.

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Bondi Iceberg Pool

A dandy place for swimming – Bondi Iceberg Pool. The water is turquoise and you have an amazing view of the ocean, where you can look for the high waves. Also, there is a sauna. All of this fun will cost you merely $7, so get ready to take a dip!

Luna Park Syndey

Luna Park Sydney is a heritage-listed amusement park. This 83 years old park has a slogan of “Just For Fun!”. And for a reason, a total of 14 attractions will welcome you there, among them: a 50m tall drop tower Hair Raiser, Wild Mouse rollercoaster, Rotor, and a 35m tall Ferris Wheel.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

The Aquarium presents different themes and exhibits to its guests. Some of the most notable areas are Jurassic Seas, Day & Night on the Reef, Great Barrier Reef Oceanarium, and Shark Walk & Shark Valley.

Shark Dive Xtreme

Not enough of sharks? Try Shark Dive Xtreme at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. The colony of Grey Nurse Sharks is ranging in size from 2.5 to 3.2 metres and all of it takes place cageless. You are not required to have any previous diving experience and you can take 4 other people with you!


After the long day comes night time. Here are some of the top clubs you can visit in the city: Chinese Laundry (one of the largest and longest-running nightclubs in Sydney), Civic Underground (seemingly Australia’s cleanest club sound systems), Burdekin Hotel (5 floors).


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